Photos of the North Fork of the American River

and environs

Giant Gap Ridge

Giant Gap Ridge, as seen from The Pyramid, near the west end of Green Valley

Giant Gap Ridge in the background, as seen from near the head of the Green Valley Trail

The North Fork, near Canyon Creek, on a hazy fall afternoon

Ponderosa pine

Tree-huggers at Sugar Pine Point, fall 2000

falcon perch

Telephoto view down 3000 feet to the North Fork, from near Big Valley Bluff. A Prairie Falcon was perching on the rock below.

Eric Peach

Eric Peach and friends at the Little Slate Ridge, Sugar Pine Point, fall 2000

dawn over fog

Dawn light hits the fog flowing down the canyon in Green Valley, fall 2000

Green Valley

Fog lifting over Green Valley, Giant Gap Ravine in background, fall 2000

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